Blockchain project is not as simple as speculation. The more mature the profit model, the shorter the realization path of value creation through technology, and the longer the return to investors.

Introduction of AIN:

Ainance platform issues platform coin named AIN. The total amount of issuance is constant at 10 billion, which not only guarantees that no additional issuance will occur but also has a release, destruction and price mechanism linked to market demand. In the early stage, it is ERC20 on Ethereum. With the improvement of users' privacy protection requirements, it will choose the first-class privacy public chain to issue a private AIN coin replacing ERC20 to protect the privacy of users' assets and of transactions.

Usage of AIN:

As the platform coin of Ainance, AIN can be used to pay for platform service fees and management fees.Each user's investment profit in the current month, 30% of which is charged by Ainance as the platform service fee, which can be paid in platform currency.For the management fee generated by the investment amount exceeding the investment limit (Please check details in Section 3.3), it can also be paid in AIN.
Official price:
So what price does AIN deduct the service fee? Ainance gives the price for every 24 hours to deduct, which we call "official price" for short, and the calculation formula is as follows: 
The initial deduction price for platform operation is 0.01U. With the expansion of the total amount of USDT in the capital pool and the good performance of the monthly profit rate of AI, the deducted price will rise steadily to a certain extent, and users who buy in the earlier stage will benefit more from it.
Distribution proportion:
The distribution proportion is as follows:
Release mechanism for team& equity investors:
For the part of the team and equity investors, the initial release is 10%, and then every 10% will be released if the monthly profit margin of the fund pool exceeds 25%; if it is less than 25% but higher than 15%, 5% will be released until the release is completed.
Release mechanism for foundation:
The AIN currency held by the foundation is only used for investment in excellent blockchain projects related to Ainance ecology. The percent of AIN used for investment of each year is no more than 20% of AIN owned by the foundation. The source of the project can be provided by all platform users. Finally, the first 100 users vote, and only 2/3 of them can invest. 10% of the investment income is awarded to the project introducer, 40% to Ainance foundation, and the other 50% to all the prospective partner users who participate in the voting.
Release mechanism for public sale:
The public issuance of AIN currency is divided into two parts: platform bidding issuance and exchange public issuance, which follow two principles: Demand exceeds supply, and price and value anchoring.
Platform bidding
It refers to that Ainance provides users with a price lower than the official price on the platform (please refer to chapter 4.3 for the deductible price) for limited auction.The official price is updated every 24 hours, and the calculation formula is shown in Section 4.3. In these 24 hours, users can bid within the range given by the platform, and the bidding range is 0.6x official price to 1x discount price range. The platform will automatically select the most useful users within 50% of the highest bidding price to clinch a deal (for example, when the number of bidders is 101, select the top 50 of the highest bidding price, if the 50th is the same as the 51th bid, and the user with earlier bid time will be selected in chronological order to clinch a deal), and each use will purchase the bid price.The quantity of AIN purchased by each person is divided according to the proportion of the investment amount of this user in the capital pool in the total amount of successful users. The specific calculation formula is as follows:
 Among them, the total investment of the user is the number of USDT after the total investment of the user minus the total withdrawal, excluding the over-investment above the quota for the users.
And the total AIN quantity for auction of each day released by the platform is also accurately calculated to ensure that the supply is not greater than thedemand as much as possible. The calculation formula is as follows: “Days” are how many days in current month. Capital pool for yesterday is USDTs in the pool.
Public sale on exchanges
AIN will public sale at a suitable time in multiple exchanges, including direct listing or IEO. The price on the exchange is determined by the secondary market, with the real-time official price of Ainance platform as the value basis reference, which eventually leads to the market price and the value trend generated by Ainance technology consistent.
Destruction mechanism
Ainance has a mature profit model and the logic of token appreciation, so it does not rely on the destruction
mechanism to enhance the value of AIN currency.In the daily auction share of the platform, if there is no auction, all the coins released on that day will be destroyed automatically. In addition, 30% of the AIN obtained from the service fee and management fee of the current quarter will be destroyed, and the destruction record will be released as soon as possible.
Features of Tokenomics
Ainance's tokenomics are unique innovations, dedicated to making the value generated by platform AI technology more directly reflect the change of coin price. This u n i q u e a n d i n n o v a t i v e tokenomics has the following features:
The project value is simple and clear
If the users who have experience in blockchain secondary market know that they are most concerned about the good and bad news of the project, it is very difficult to quantify the value of the technical achievements of the blockchain project. The value generated by Ainance's technology is very simple, clear, easy to obtain and understand. When the return rate of AI trading is higher than the user's expectation, and there are users recharging constantly to increase the scale of the capital pool, it is good; On the contrary, it is bad.
Market price linked to the real value:
The AIN price in exchanges will be affected by the official price of the Ainance, so as to avoid the existence of market manipulation such as malicious pulling price by the dealer and then harvesting other investors, or malicious short sale. When the market price is lower than official price, users can have the interest margin to buy. On the contrary, when the market price is higher than the official price, users can also sell at a high level.
In this way, the final market price of AIN will be linked to its real value, only floating in a reasonable region, and rising steadily with the steady development of the platform.
Ainance users gain advantages than other users in the secondary market
The official price of AIN in the platform is the most real value reflection. With the expansion of the capital pool, the performance of AI investment returns and other factors, the official price will also change dynamically. The platform users of Ainance are the most intuitive users to get this data. Therefore, if the price in the secondary market is expensive or cheap, the platform users will get more real-time first-hand information than other general AIN investors, so that Ainance users will gain greater market advantages in the secondary market.
Convert the speculators into platform users
Although the IEO rules of each exchange are different, the essence is to let exchange users buy new coins at a price cheaper than the market price so that the project can obtain more holders. The problem caused by such a problem is that many people will not participate in the follow-up investment of the project after they get a relatively high return at the initial stage of the project IEO, and they are not likely to become users of the project or make continuous contributions to the project.The project of Ainance is closely related to all investors. As an Ainance user, it will let them know the performance of the platform and real-time AIN official price with the better decision-making support of secondary market trading. That will greatly improve the conversion rate of the platform users.
Easier to contribute to the project
In addition to the recommended rewards given by Ainance for each user (refer to Section 3.4), users' contributions to the platform can also be more directly reflected in the AIN price. The growth of the platform and more users' access for investment will have a direct effect on AIN official price and the value of their own AIN. This is more direct than the effect of preaching and promoting Ainance than other blockchain projects.
Follow the principle of fairness
In Ainance's Tokenomics, the principle of fairness is followed in many ways:
1) When the platform is bidding for AIN, users who are more willing to invest time in bidding every day can buy more AIN; and 50% of users who bid high can clinch a deal at their own satisfactory price;
2) Users who are willing to recommend users to win a higher investment limit and pay less cost than those
who are not willing to recommend users to exceed the investment limit; Users with more investment have a higher return than those with less investment;
3) "The early bird has the worm to eat", the earlier the user involved in the purchase of AIN coins, the lower the cost they have;

4) The users who participate in the platform investment have a greater competitive advantage in the secondary market than the users who do not participate in the investment.
For conclusion, Ainance's innovative tokenomics gives all investors a fair and stable income model,
while guiding users to make more contributions to the platform. Then Ainance has a mature and explosive profit model so that the platform can grow healthily and stably. This is what the blockchain project should have looked like.



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