Reward rules

Reward rules

Do you have any friends interested in digital currency? If so, you can invite them to join in Ainance. Ainance also designed a series of incentive reward mechanisms to further maximize the investment of users.

After each friend is successfully invited to invest 2,000U to the pool, the user can obtain an additional 2,000U investment limit, and the invited friend pays the profit service fee of the platform each month, Ainance rewards the recommender directly with USDT or AIN for 30% of the service fee. For example, user a recommends user B and user C, each of which invests a principal of 2,000U. If the current month's revenue is 15% and each user makes a profit of 300U, 30% of which is charged by the platform as the platform service fee, i.e. 90U, and 30% of which, i.e. 27U is obtained by the recommender, i.e. user a gains an additional 54U, i.e. 2.7% on the basis of its own principal revenue.


In addition, for first 100 potential partners, if the first 10 meet the requirements of 10 or more direct recommenders and the total amount of capital in the recommender network is greater than 500K U, they will be upgraded to “partners” and enjoy 1% of the total amount of service fee in the recommender network for life;


Ainance encourages users to recommend opportunities for making money to more friends. Please remember that your rewards come from the platform service fee paid because your friends make money, rather than from the principal of them, which is essentially different from any “Ponzi”.



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