【Ms. Long】Profit Analysis for Oct 2019

【Ms. Long】Profit Analysis for Oct 2019

[Ms. Long] is not our editor, but the AI robot carefully built by ainance.io, which specializes in Bitcoin long sale. After more than a year of optimization, Ms. Long started a simulated bitcoin trade in October 2019. The final result is 49.2% ROI in the whole month of October 2019 (and no re-invest is calculated). The signal given by AI and more detailed income analysis are described in this paper.


As shown above, Ms. Long made a total of 23 long trade pairs in October 2019 (each pair includes buying Bitcoin once, and selling Bitcoin once). Only 1 trade lost money, the other 22 trades all made profit.

Without any leverage, the monthly rate of return is as high as 49.2%, and we have adopted the most conservative strategy in predicting the rate of return. When the AI signal is sent out, we choose the highest price in the next five minutes as the price to buy Bitcoin and the lowest price in five minutes as the price to sell Bitcoin. In other words, when the Ms. Long is officially working, the ROI will become higher.

Let's take a look at the detailed buy and sell records.


As the figure above shows, calculate the profit rate of each transaction and add up to the October 2019 earnings rate of 49.2%. However, if the part of the calculated return is reinvested in subsequent orders, with 10000 as the initial investment amount, the monthly earnings rate will be as high as 60.55%.

Let us applaud Ms Long's outstanding work and welcome continued attention to her. We will continue to share her signals in our telegram group (ID: @ainance). Welcome to join us!



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