About Ainance.io

The world's leading AI platform for Crypto investors

Our mission is to build the strongest artificial intelligence trading robot in the market. Ainance.io will be providing retail investors with a stress-free automated platform to invest and trade crypto-assets just like Bitcoin. 
More and more individuals start investing crypto-assets like Bitcoin or other crypto-currencies, but unfortunately 90% of personal investments in cryptocurrencies haven't delivered a return, of which 70% lost money and 20% sits in flat, and more than 60% of personal investors in cryptocurrencies lost more than 50% of their investment.
 That's mainly because of weakness of human nature, catch up and sell down, keep buying when falling, believe in rumors, be greedy and so on. That's why we create Ainance.io to help personal investors make money safely and easily.
 Ainance.io Platform will launch for all users arond May 2020, while we already completed developing AI robot for Bitcoin, which has really good performance. Since February, we will share our AI signals to Buy/Sell Bitcoin in our Telegram group (Group ID: @ainance) until Ainance platform launches. Welcome everyone to double check how amazing our AI engine is.

Why Ainance.io?

1) Auto-Trade: Investors have access to a portfolio of AI robots on Ainance each with different risk-profiles and strategies to suit all types of investors. 
2) Zero-Risk Guarantee: Ainance will issue the AIN coin, which can be used to offset withdrawal fees. If an investment results in a monetary loss, the platform will automatically compensate the user with the appropriate value in AIN coins to ensure zero risk.
3) Transparency: The records of all automated transactions will be published to users within 48 hours, so that every transaction record is transparent and verifiable. This allows ease of access to trading performance and is designed to build trust in the Ainance platform.

How to make easy money in Ainance.io?

1) Referral's rewards: The Ainance platform will provide multiple incentives for user referrals, including a share of withdrawal fees from referred users earnings. 
2) Auto Re-invest: Users can choose to automatically reinvest profit for convenience and to allow our users to maximize their potential investment income. 



Email: info@ainance.org

Telegram: @ainance