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What's Ainance?

Based on the team's rich secondary market experience and trading strategy, as well as the most advanced artificial intelligence in-depth learning, Ainance is dedicated to building a trading robot that can automatically trade and make profits, and is committed to providing a safer, more convenient and higher return of investment and financing platform for crypto investors.

AIN币的用途 ?

As the platform coin of Ainance, AIN can be used to pay for platform service fees and management fees.

Each user's investment profit in the current month, 30% of which is charged by Ainance as the platform service fee, which can be paid in platform currency.

For the management fee generated by the investment amount exceeding the investment limit, it can also be paid in AIN.


How to increase the amount of investment?

Ainance has a policy of limiting the amount of investment for users. When each user first registers for the platform, there is only 2,000U of investment. If you want to increase the investment, you need to invite users, so that the platform dividend can be shared with more currency circle investment users.

There are a few users who are reluctant to introduce users, but want to invest more funds. For the part of such users beyond the normal investment quota, the platform will charge an additional 2% management fee every month. Similarly, if the monthly profit rate is less than 10%, this part of the fee will be exempted. The platform currency AIN with the same amount of pledge and excess quota can also be exempted from this fee.


What are the risks control of Ainance? 

The capital pool is completely transparent to all users, and Ainance will publish the account and transaction details in the community every day; Ainance has signed an agreement with Binance exchange that the monthly withdrawal shall be done in the 5th day of every month to handle the application for last month, and not exceed 10% of the total amount of the capital pool (that is to say, the total amount of withdrawal applications of all users shall not exceed 10% of the total amount of capital pool, otherwise it will be postponed to the next month for processing), and provide detailed statements to all platform users at the end of the month for reconciliation. This effectively gives users high transparency and improves the supervision and withdrawal constraints on the platform, avoiding the possibility of the platform stealing all the money from the pool.

In terms of income security, Ainance will provide users with a bottom line. When settling accounts at the end of each month, if there is an investment loss in the user's principal, Ainance will compensate the equivalent platform coin, so as to ensure zero risk of user investment.


What's the difference between Ainance and quantitative companies?

It is believed that when someone first know Ainance, they would think that our service is very similar to the quantitative company, but in fact, it is very different.

First of all, different users are positioned. The vast majority of customers served by quantitative institutions are large ones with large investment principal. On the Ainance platform, users only need to invest 2,000U to participate in the investment. We are more inclined to serve a large number of small and medium-sized individual investors and let more people share the dividends brought by artificial intelligence technology.

Secondly, the quantitative companies are operated by people. Generally, these operators will not contact customers externally. So who is the operator, whether the background and experience are the same as the description of the salesperson, and whether there is a change in personnel midway? Most of the time, the customer is not clear, and the sales staff of the quantitative organization shows the account with the best performance to the new users. This is also the reason why many large users lose money in the quantitative organization.  Despite this, there are still many new users who give money to these quantitative organizations.

What Ainance advocates is the principle of transparency, excluding all possible loss of user principal due to human error, and greatly saving the cost of trading.

Therefore, in terms of fees, 30% of Ainance's fees are more reasonable than that of all quantitative companies when they charge 40-60% of customers' profits.


If you want to withdraw investment funds for special reasons, can you be allowed??

From the point of view of the person in charge of the user, we hope to make every user have a better experience. The previous month is the experience period. After the experience period of one month, the user can withdraw the money you invested before. As the platform side, we will cooperate with you according to the mechanism. The platform pays the cash withdrawal application of the previous month on the 5th of each month.


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